“Fall in Love”
  • Date: 12 February • 5 March 2016
  • Place: Casa de la Cultura de Tapalpa, Jalisco, México
  • Technique: Oil on canvas

“Enamórate” is something I still consider as one of the “Uncontrollable Moments”; no matter who you are. It is the energetic connection between the heart, mind and soul can be so strong that you will lose the reason. Today I'm not afraid to fall in love, because I know who am I and where I come from. You must love truly, live present moments, to love without fear and believe in yourself.

Luis Buenrostro är Månadens Konstnär

“Expectations” & “Beautiful Stockholm”
  • Date: November 2015
  • Place: Kaknästornet Stockholm, Mörka kroken 28-30, 115 27 Stockholm, Sweden
  • Technique: Oil on canvas with palette knife

Mexico’s Luis Buenrostro is the first international artist we have selected to participate in Kaknästornet’s Artist of the Month project. Throughout the month of November Kaknästornet will be featuring a selection of oil paintings from his collection “Expectations”.


Vernissage Luis Buenrostro

  • Date: 29 • 31 May 2015
  • Place: Sigtunagatan 3, Stockholm
  • Technique: Oil on canvas with palette knife

The artist Luis Buenrostro During the last 20 years Luis has been experimenting with different materials and techniques. He has a passion for human relationships in his art. Love is the strongest feeling that move us, and it is important to transmit and provoque those emotions through art.


Collective Exhibitions

  • Sthlm Art, Stockholm: September 2015
  • La Mordura y el Cuadro Gallery, Mexico City: February 2015

I wouldn't like to say that i have a style, because I think an artist never stop developing. But right now I paint mainly oil on canvas with spatula, a technique that I tried for the first time in 2000 just experimenting by myself. I loved the feeling in my hand of the oil being dragged on the canvas by the spatula. Regarding the themes of my paintings, it’s all about feelings for me. Every possible way of perception.